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As she wraps up shooting for her period drama, Padmavati, it seems like Deepika Padukone already has her next project lined up


In a year when the carousel of fashion shows is spinning at blur-speed, there’s breaking news that will stop the industry in its tracks today: Vetements is stepping off. 

"It's not just a game of cricket, it's a lot

Virat Kohli says India's Champions Trophy demolition of South Africa was fuelled by his refusal to spare his players from criticism.

Those are the words of former Pakistan captain Asif Iqbal before arguably the biggest match in sport this year. On Sunday, Edgbaston will host India v Pakistan in the Champions Trophy group stage.

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India announced Monday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Washington later this month for his first meeting with President Donald Trump.

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There may be many strands to the latest crisis engulfing the Middle East, but there is only one conclusion for Pakistan: this country cannot afford to get embroiled in conflict in the Middle East.

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The state of Maryland and the federal District of Columbia sued US President Donald Trump on Monday, arguing that he has violated the constitution by accepting payments from foreign governments

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